What is an LED?

A LED (short for light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor device widely used in electronics that emits light when its PN junction is polarized when an electrical current flows through it.

Is LED lighting efficient?

It is the most efficient in the current scenario. They have a consumption between 50% lower than low consumption lighting and up to 6 times lower than incandescent lighting. This means immediate savings on your electricity bill.

Is it true that LED bulbs last longer?

That's right, I do. They operate for more than 30,000 hours (up to 50,000 hours in ideal situations) compared to 10,000 hours for traditional energy-saving lighting or 3,000 hours for incandescent lighting. It also represents a significant maintenance saving in the replacement of light bulbs, in addition to saving energy.

Is LED lighting environmentally sustainable?

This is the most sustainable lighting. It is recycled like any electronic chip and does not contain metals that are hazardous to the environment. Contains no toxic gases such as mercury or sodium vapour (common in energy-saving light bulbs and halogen lamps). It also does not emit ultraviolet or infrared radiation as other technologies do.

Can a traditional bulb be replaced with an LED bulb?

It's as easy as changing one light bulb for another. There are them of all the formats, threads and powers. No electrical adaptations required

Does LED lighting have other advantages?

It has the advantage of being heated only on the electronics and not on the outside so it can be touched when switched on. Therefore, less heat is emitted to the outside, which can help reduce the need for air conditioning. In addition, the lighting is produced instantaneously (the heating time required for a low-energy bulb is not necessary until it reaches its operating temperature).

What policy is followed for the recycling of these LED lights?

It Must Be Led is part of AMBILAMP's Integrated Management System (SIG) and pays the Eco-Raee taxes for all the LED luminaires placed on the market that require it. This will finance the selective collection of these luminaires for subsequent recycling.

These fees are already included in the prices that appear on this website.